Key features & benefits of the Panasonic WV-SW396

  • HD720p resolution helps capture crisp and clear high-definition video footage at up to 30 frames per second
  • Full 360° rotation helps deliver an all-round view when used for surveillance over large outdoor areas
  • Face Super Dynamic technology focuses to ensure clarity of facial features, essential for scenarios where recognition is required
  • Super Dynamic and Adaptive Black Stretch technology allows the camera to monitor over a wider dynamic range for surveillance over a larger area
  • Auto-tracking automatically follows subjects around the camera
  • H.264 compression helps save on network resources by compressing file size with minimal effect on video quality
  • Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) compatible, allowing the camera to receive power and a network connection using a single cable
  • IP66-rated outdoor housing helps protect the camera against vandalism attempts and weather conditions and contains a dehumidification device

Typical applications of the Panasonic WV-SW396

The Panasonic WV-SW396 is best-suited to outdoor surveillance, with its weatherproof-housing and full 360° panning range. This camera is useful for monitoring large outdoor areas where detail capture is key, including public parkways, railway station, sports stadiums, university campuses, prison yards, loading bays, dockyards and for event surveillance in locations such as festivals

Included accessories for the Panasonic WV-SW396

  • Setup CD
  • Installation guide
  • 8-pin alarm cable
  • Connector kit for 24V AC
  • Front/rear sun shield
  • Front/rear sun shield mounting screws
  • Code label