Key features


The powered pan and tilt system is extremely useful for covering large areas. The camera provides 95° of lateral movement and 55° vertical. The vertical movement however is not symmetrical, providing 10° movement upwards and 45° downwards, meaning that the camera needs to be mounted at height for optimum area coverage.

Movement is controlled from the web interface, with 8-direction buttons for rough movement and a “touchpad-style” aiming area for more accurate movement. Up to 64 presets can be set for quick movement between angles. The camera even adds a visual aid for switching with the preset map-shot facility which provides thumbnails of the first 8 presets for easy switching.


As with this camera’s predecessors, the box includes all the fittings for outdoor installation including weathershield, connection cover, foam covering and weatherproof tape. The design for these is identical to the older camera and as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We have no concerns and the new model is built in just as robust a way.

It’s worth noting that this camera is only IP55-rated, meaning that it can withstand jets of water from any direction. However, if the camera is immersed in water, it would fail. That being said, in the years that Panasonic have manufactured IP55-rated cameras, we’ve only heard of a single camera failure, and even that was due to an installation incorrectly performed.

Wide Dynamic Range

Panasonic’s Wide Dynamic Range system is common to most i-Pro cameras and provides the ability to capture higher detail in both bright and dark areas simultaneously.

We performed two tests on the camera; the first from a dark room with a window as a strong backlighting source, the second from a bright room down a dark corridor.